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1. General questions about Stocklots24

2. Questions about registration and activation

3. Questions about customer menu

4. Some tips for protection against fraud

5. Support

1. General questions about Stocklots24

What is Stocklots24?
Stocklots24 is a worldwide, independent B2B trade platform for odd lots and new goods. All communication is transacted directly between the seller and buyer. Should you have questions concerning individual articles, you must
register and log in first. Then you can view the seller data next to the article description.

Why does the membership on Stocklots24 cost non-recurring 79,00€?

The non-recurring registration fee saves all the traders on the portal from unserious traders. According to our experiences the unserious traders would not pay any registration fee.

I have seen an offer that interests me. How can I order it or get more information?
You must be registered and logged in. Then you can send the seller a message over the Stocklots24 message system. The provider immediately receives this email at the email address he stated, as well as in his Stocklots24 message box. You can also buy the article directly by using the "buy now" button. In this case the seller receives an email with all the contact details of the buyer. The buyer also receives an email with all the contact details of the seller. After buying an article through the "buy now" function you also have the opportunity to rate your business partner after a successful transaction.

How can I contact a seller on the platform?
You must register and log in. Click on the desired article, and you can send the seller a message. This message is immediately sent to the Stocklots24 message box of the seller and to his email address. The message is also saved in your message outbox.

How can I get more information about a company?
If you are logged in, simply click on the company name. You can review the full address, see the company logo, if available, and receive more information about the seller.

Which items are prohibited to sell?

  • Shares, stocks, bonds and the respective certificates
  • Items with sexual content
  • Archaeological findings
  • Passports and licences given by authorities
  • Crack software, decoding / deciphering tools and decoding material
  • Drugs, narcotics, and other similar substances
  • Explosive objects, chemicals and other substances hazardous to health
  • Travel tickets, flight tickets, entrance tickets
  • Guarantees
  • Property and similar property rights
  • Downloadable media
  • Material hazardous to young people
  • Credit cards
  • Body parts and human remains
  • Medication, drugs, and medical services
  • National Socialist paraphernalia
  • Replicas and fakes
  • Tobacco goods
  • Animals, animal items, and protected plants
  • Prohibited electronic devices
  • Weapons, knives and accessories
In worldwide trade, the following additional articles may be prohibited:
  • Articles subject to a trade embargo
  • Catalogues, resources and internet addresses (URL's)
  • Alcohol
  • Lottery tickets
The list does not represent a complete list of all items prohibited for trade on Stocklots24, but rather a selection of the prohibited articles. If you are unsure whether or not you can offer your item on Stocklots24, please send us an email.

2. Questions about registration and activation

How much does it cost?
The registration is billed once with a fee of 79.00 € plus VAT. As an option, the additional features like setting an article as top article, verified membership or access to the provider database are billed with a one-off fee. Should your company location be outside Germany, you do not have to pay value added tax, even if it is listed on the invoice. Please just pay the registration fee of 79.00 €.

How can I register?
You can register here. Simply fill in the forms, agree to the general terms and conditions and send the registration. After that, you can choose your method of payment for the one-off registration fee. You can pay the one-off registration fee with PayPal, credit card or by bank transfer. If you pay with credit card or PayPal your account will be activated immediately. If you pay by bank transfer it will be activated after receipt of payment. After activation you can log in and have full access to all seller details.

Are the registration and my account only valid for one country or worldwide?
Your registration is valid worldwide. You can log into all Restposten24 and Stocklots24 trade platforms worldwide with your details.

Does the membership end automatically or do I have to cancel it?
No, there is no automatic termination. You can decide whether you wish to stay with us or not. If not, your details are removed from our system upon request. The registration fee is only due once.

I'm having problems with logging in
In order to log into Stocklots24 you only need your email address and the password you chose upon registration. If you've forgotten your password, you can have a new one sent to you here. Furthermore, your browser must accept cookies. If you have changed the security settings in your browser you may have problems logging in. We recommend you leave the standard settings of your browser unchanged or change them back to the standard settings.

How can I change my company profile, personal details or password?
You must be logged in to change your personal details. Click on "customer menu", here you can change all personal details under "my customer data" if you wish.

How can I rate my business partner?
If you want to rate your business partner, you will find all the trade partners in your customer menu under "Not yet issued ratings" from whom you have purchased goods with the "buy now" button. You can only rate the business partners from whom you have bought items directly with the "buy now" button. If you purchased something in the dealer's online shop it is not possible to rate them.

3. Questions about the customer menu

What type of emails does Stocklots24 send and where can I unsubscribe these emails?
Stocklots24 sends various subscribed automatic emails on a regular basis:
  • Your personal weekly newsletter with new offers from the sections you have chosen. You can unsubscribe this email in your customer menu under "personal newsletter" by removing all checkmarks.
  • If you receive your personal monthly statistics, you can unsubscribe in your customer menu under "personal statistic".
  • You also receive an email if an item you are watching is sold. In order to unsubscribe this email, you must delete the items from your watch list.

How can I change the user language of the portal?
In your customer menu under "my customer data" you can choose the language in which you wish to use Stocklots24. The changes become effective after the next log in.

What does the field "item language", when entering an item, mean?
You choose the language you will use in your item description. It is preset to the language in which you use Stocklots24. If you want to sell your items in other countries, we recommend that you offer the item in several languages.

I want to enter large quantities of items. Can I import them?
You can import up to 2500 items with one CSV-file. It is possible to import several CSV-files after each other. You can find a detailed description and a draft CSV-file in your customer menu under the menu item "import items".

How can I enter a top item on the start page or in a section?
To enter an article as top item, you must enter your bank details or credit card number in your customer menu under "my payment details". If you provide your bank details, the location of the bank must be in Germany, Austria, or the Netherlands and the account transactions must be in euros. Booking top items from other countries is only possible with a credit card number. At the beginning of the next month you will automatically receive an invoice, and the invoice amount is debited from your account.

Which picture formats can I upload to my offers?
You can upload up to 3 pictures when entering items. The pictures can have optional height and width, but they must be in JPG, GIF or PNG-format, and cannot be larger than 400 KB.

I have sent a message to a member, but have not received an answer. How can I find out whether my message was received/ read?
All messages sent through the Stocklots24 message system are automatically saved in your customer menu in the message box outbox.

What is the personal newsletter?
You can choose the sections interesting to you in the personal newsletter. You will then receive a weekly email with the newly available items in the sections you chose, that way you will never miss an offer. Of course you can unsubscribe the personal newsletter anytime you wish.

4. Some tips for protection against fraud

There are a number of safety precautions you can exercise to minimise the risk of fraud or to recognise fraudulent behaviour at early stage. The internet always offers new opportunities for defrauders. This is why we have a few tips for you about how you can protect yourself from fraudsters. In general, you should always try to find out more about a possible business partner you have contacted over the Internet.

Here are a few short tips from Stocklots24:

  • Is the phone number correct?
  • Is the stated address correct?
  • Is this company registered in the phone book or in the Yellow pages?
  • Are there negative ratings for this company?
  • Ask your business partner for company documents:
    - Business registration
    - Copy of their passport
    - Trade register excerpt
  • Is your business partner a verified member at Stocklots24?
  • Is it possible to meet the business partner in person?
  • Order sample goods first, in order to test the quality
  • Do not pay larger amounts as down payments.
  • Do not transfer money to an account whose owner you do not know.
  • If possible, pay per cash on delivery, this is now also possible throughout Worldwide.
  • Pay by escrow system.

Detailed tips by Stocklots24:

Check the contact details
Always check that the address, phone number, and email address that was given to you by your business partner are the same as those from the company that you were told. If a business partner gives you differing contact details, for example an address in Italy and a phone number in a different country, we recommend that you check whether the address and phone number are available in the local phone book. If he gives the email address of a trade partner, saying he works for a certain company, you should also check this. Please bear in mind that fraudsters are able to operate with an email address of a company, even though they are not actually employed there. Everybody with a bit of technical know-how can use an email with a fraudulent address.

Verified member
If the dealer says he is a verified member, visit his profile on Stocklots24 and check it.

Meet your business partner in person
If possible, try to meet your business partner in person. Even though the internet offers you a rich variety of information about your possible business partner, there is no substitute for personal contact. This is the only way to evaluate his business. Do not take any large amounts of money along to the first meeting.

Protect yourself by ordering or receiving a sample.
Purchase a sample first and convince yourself that the product meets your expectations, before purchasing a large numbers of goods without knowing the quality.

Protect yourself against pre-payments
Sometimes a supplier asks for a pre-payment before accepting the order. While this is not unusual for common trade partners, you should check this when dealing with a business partner for the first time. Ensure that sufficient background information is available for this supplier before you agree to pay or ask for a different method of payment, for example by escrow. If the seller concentrates on the payment more than on anything else or pressurises you to pay you should be careful. Pay special attention if the seller asks you to transfer money to an account for which the true holder cannot be identified.

Payment per C.O.D.
Offer to pay cash on delivery. The seller can be sure to get his money and you can be sure to get the goods. Some sellers do however ask for a small pre-payment, to ensure that you accept the package. This should only be a small amount.

What should I do if I´ve already become a victim of fraud?
If you are a victim of fraud, we urge you to press charges. Usually fraudsters stall their customers with constantly excuses. If you have not received your goods four weeks after payment you should press legal charges. Please send us a copy of the complaint. We will then close the account of the dealer as soon as possible.

We hope that we are able to save you from future problems with these tips.


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